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Developing for the Web since 2006 | Websites, Infographics, Stationary Design, UX&UI.

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I have been a Front-end Developer since 2006, creating high-quality digital products whilst working freelance or for digital agencies. In addition, I have experience in producing materials for traditional print format. My method is to create my designs in Adobe Illustrator then code using HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery and fresh coffee.

If you would like a little background information on how I became involved in Web design, my methods for working and my dreams for the future then check out my about page.

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    Chris Kitson is a food and bevarage professional based in manchester, UK. The goal was to develop a portfolio site which would increase his personal profile and feature regular industry related articles.



    Fredelicious is a beautiful and modern design concept created to showcase my design skills. It takes inspiration from what is termed 'flat design' and delivers a captivating homepage theme.

  • Bokaloo Restaurant

    Bokaloo Restaurant

    I have to admit, I love food. Therefore, creating a concept for a restaurant was inevitable. The delicious photography is complimented by some strong typography and colour palette, making this a well designed theme.

    Desmond Paul Henry ranks amongst one of the most important British pioneers of early computer art. Presented here is the official website conatining history, archive and a gallery.


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Organise Your Project's File Structure

July / 2014

For web design newbies, organising your files can mean the difference between your code working and not.

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